LOCTITE 3D | 3818 High Accuracy

LOCTITE® 3D 3818 provides fast print speeds with very high accuracy allowing parts to be printed with fine-resolution features (50 µm)

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LOCTITE® 3818™ is a fast printing, rigid photopolymer, and can be printed with very high resolution features (50 µm).

Formulated with exceptional surface finish, low warpage and extremely high print accuracy, this product is perfect for printing

accurate prototypes. This product can be easily painted, sanded or machined for further finishing. This product should only be

printed on a DLP machine.

  • Rigid, general-purpose resin with high accuracy
  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Low shrinkage
  • High green HDT – less warpage during post curing
  • Fast print speeds
  • Printable at room temperature across various laser SLA and DLP platforms
  • 1 Liter Bottle

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